General questions
  • First check whether the e-mail address with which you have registered is correct. This is done by clicking your profile picture and checking what e-mail address is entered there. If the wrong e-mail address is registered, get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact” in order to have the e-mail address corrected.
  • Check your inbox. It may be that e-mail from VOCANTO has been diverted into your spam folder.
  • VOCANTO intentionally sends e-mails only when it is really necessary. If you are expecting an important e-mail from VOCANTO and it has failed to arrive, then you should inform the VOCANTO support team under “Contact”.
Get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact” in order to have the e-mail address changed. A licence authorises you to access training material from VOCANTO. Each licence applies to one particular user for a duration of one month and grants access to a continually expanding range of learning units, plus practical modules, test preparation and an online record book.
  • There are a variety of licences which can be obtained. They vary not only in terms of price but also in the range of services to which they provide access:
  • Free
    • Free access for trial purposes offers you a good impression of all that VOCANTO can do for you. You gain access to 20 learning units without having to pay a penny.
  • Basic
    • A basic licence costs €9.90 per month and provides access to training content and the option to organise with ease your own educational material or groups by means of groups or the record book.
  • Pro
    • A professional licence costs €19.90 a month and allows access to all VOCANTO training content as well as the option to organise groups, classes, whole schools or businesses via VOCANTO as well as to document the progress of your class members and view where groups need to achieve more. It is also possible to obtain licensing packages which can be distributed to other VOCANTO users.
  • Ultimate
    • The Ultimate licence costs €49.90 per month and provides all the benefits of the basic and professional packages as well as giving you the option to create your own learning units and animations. This means that you can shape VOCANTO to meet all your specific needs.
  • The Basic licence offers the following:
    • Access to all learning units: You get access to more than 1200 learning units with interactive animations for all training disciplines via VOCANTO.
    • Test preparation: Prepare for tests and examinations in optimum fashion. The test questions are based on the PAL standard and are easy to learn with the help of a 6-phase system. Test preparation is available for all the training disciplines.
    • Record book: Keep a record of your work by filling out the record book online.
    • Training progress:Check out your own learning progress through the learning units and test questions. Identify your strengths and weaknesses with the help of the 6-phase system for test questions.
    • Printing out learning units:Print out the learning units and VOCANTO will automatically adapt the layout of the units to your equipment directly in the print configuration.
    • Setting up training groups:Set up your own training groups so that you can learn together with others.
    • Inviting friends: You can invite friends to join your training group so that you can provide each other with mutual support.
    • Learning together: Learning together with your friends improves your own knowledge.
  • The Pro licence offers the following:
    • Setting up your own organisation: Use VOCANTO to manage various training topics, departments and classes. Set up standards, unify your training and organisation and devise learning concepts.
    • Managing trainees and students:Organise your students and trainees into groups and classes. Assign licences and get an overview of how VOCANTO is being used.
    • Viewing everyone’s progress: See how people are progressing as various groups and classes as well as how the students or trainees are getting on individually.
    • Displaying any specific deficits arising in a group: You can see any problems in groups or classes in real time so that you can respond accordingly.
  • The Ultimate licence offers the following:
    • Full access to the VOCANTO authoring system
      • Copying and modifying existing VOCANTO learning units.
      • Create learning units according to your own needs and requirements.
      • Use of the organisation tool to create courses complete with their own quality management system.
      • Use of the tool for translating learning units and animation text.
      • Automatic conversion of units as appropriate to your country (e.g.: °C to °F).
    • Full access to ANIMATIONS (interactive image and video editing program)
      • Copying and adapting existing animations.
      • Design of your own interactive animations.
      • Access to all VOCANTO image and video material as well as animations.
      • Access to your own library to which up to 100 GB can be uploaded.
    • Full access to SIMULATIONS (interactive circuit simulator)
      • Copying and adapting existing simulations.
      • Design of your own interactive simulations.
      • Access to all circuit diagrams created in VOCANTO.
      • Access to your own library to which up to 100 GB can be uploaded.
    • Service
      • Access to the support hotline from 8 am to 6 pm every working day.
      • Regular updates of all tools.
    • All the functions provided under the Pro licence are also included.
  • You can manage your subscription, i.e. subscribe to, extend or change it, by clicking your own user name and firstly selecting “Subscription” and then choosing “Purchase licence” or “Select subscription”.
  • You can also go to the profile bar and select “Subscribe” followed by “Select subscription”.
You pay monthly via credit card or direct debit. The VOCANTO subscription is on a monthly basis starting on the day of registration. A subscription is not a permanent contract and involves no cancellation fees or minimum membership period. You can cancel your membership online at any time – around the clock.
  • Electronic engineering
    • Automation
    • Application engineering
    • Power and building wiring
    • Equipment and systems
    • Building wiring and infrastructure systems
    • Information and telecommunication technology
    • Machine and drive systems
  • Vehicle mechatronics technicians
    • Cars
  • Mechatronics technicians
  • Basic training for electronics engineers
  • Basic training for metalworking
  • Basic training for information technology
  • Industrial mechanics
  • System engineering and high-voltage technology
  • Information technology
  • And much more
Yes, every week five new learning units are put online and made available to users. Practice units are for you to put the theoretical knowledge you learned from the learning units into action in a way that relates to authentic practice. In the practice units you are confronted with a specific problem which needs to be solved and rectified. Practice units can be found in the summary of courses under the heading “Practice”. No, the learning units provided by VOCANTO are copyrighted intellectual property. Reproduction and dissemination of that material is legally prohibited and punishable by law. No, the member who has set up the VOCANTO account and paid the membership fees by whatever means (i.e. the ‘account holder’) has sole access to and control over the VOCANTO account. To ensure control over the account and prevent unauthorised access, the account holder must always maintain control over the VOCANTO-compatible equipment used to access the service and must not share the password or the details of the chosen payment method with any third parties. “Why are you wearing a mask?” VOCANTO can be used with all current browsers. We recommend the Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers. VOCANTO can run with any operating system. Simply click the “Try now” or “Free test” buttons. Yes, it is necessary to register before you can access free content. The free offer provides the following: 20 unpaid learning units, an insight into all the topics in the library, a search function and a special mobile phone view.
  • Consult the VOCANTO support team under “Contact” and write an e-mail containing the following information:
    • What browser are you using?
    • What operating system have you been using?
    • Have you accessed the learning unit via Wi-Fi, LAN or mobile internet?
You can access VOCANTO from any internet-capable device. All you need is a current browser. VOCANTO is an online platform, so you can access VOCANTO from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. We recommend a minimum data communication rate of 5 Mbit/s. Simply start your browser and enter in its search bar. You will immediately find yourself on the start page and you can carry on from there. The internet connection needs to be at least 5 Mbit/s. There are no add-ons or hidden costs in VOCANTO over and above the chosen subscription fee. The record book option allows you to document in detail what you did on each day of your training, how long you spent learning, what assignments or work you did and the times you started and finished.
  • The test preparation function allows you to simulate an actual test or exam and thereby practice for it.
  • Every question you answer correctly for the first time is put into Phase 1. If you answer this same question correctly again, it will be advanced to Phase 2. This continues until you reach Phase 6. Once all the questions have been advanced to Phase 6, then you will be perfectly prepared for any test or examination.
Question concerning subscription and payment
  • Check your inbox. It may be that e-mail from VOCANTO has been diverted into your spam folder.
  • You should get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact” in order to get the e-mail address corrected.
  • Do you already have a VOCANTO account?
    • Try clicking “Login” and then “Reset password”.
  • If you do not have a VOCANTO account:
    • You should get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact” in order to get the e-mail address corrected.
  • If you already have a VOCANTO account:
    • Log into VOCANTO.
    • Click your user name.
    • Click “Subscription”.
    • Select the type of subscription you want to have.
    • Click “Voucher”.
    • Enter the required data and the action code.
  • If you do not already have a VOCANTO account:
    • Open
    • Click “Login” or “Try now”.
    • Click “Register”.
    • Enter the required data and the action code.
A voucher code is usually valid for 30 days or more.
  • Click your user name.
  • Click “Subscription”.
  • Select the type of subscription you want to have.
  • Select the method of payment you want to use and then click “Pay”.
You can submit your payment details in VOCANTO itself, so that it can handle your monthly payments by credit card or direct debit for you. You can choose to pay a monthly subscription or you can register as a business customer and obtain a given number of licences which you can then use as you please. You can choose to pay your VOCANTO licences either by means of a credit card or via direct debit. Security of your data is of vital importance to us. Throughout the log-in procedure and for as long as you are using VOCANTO, we will always provide a secure (SSL) connection to our server. This will encode all the data communicated to or from the server.
My membership account
  • Check whether you have typed your e-mail address correctly.
  • Check whether you have typed your password correctly (is the CAPS lock key activated?).
  • You should get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact”.
  • Log in at
  • Click your profile image or user name and then click “My Profile”.
  • You can change your name in the “Profile” window and simply click “Save”.
  • Log in at
  • Click your profile image or user name and then click “My Profile”.
  • Alter the settings you want to change and click “Save”.
  • GO to
  • Click “Login”.
  • Click “Password forgotten?
  • Enter your e-mail address and click “OK”.
  • A mail will be sent to your inbox by VOCANTO. Open it and follow the link provided.
  • Choose a new, secure password and click “Change Password”.
  • If this all fails to work, you should get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact”.
My membership
  • Log in at
  • Click your user name.
  • Click “Subscription”. This will show you when your subscription began and when it is expected to end.
Yes. faq-membership-11-a You can cancel your subscription payments at any time and can reactivate membership again within a year.
  • All invoices will be sent to you by e-mail.
  • Your bills can be found saved in your profile under “Subscription”.
Get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact”. The payment interval is always 30 days. Simply cancel your subscription and you will no longer be a Pro member. Get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact”.
  • Please check again in the Subscription menu that your subscription really has been cancelled.
  • If there really are problems with payment booking, get in touch with the VOCANTO support team under “Contact”.
You can still use your VOCANTO account for as long as the subscription still has to run until the 30 paid days have elapsed. After that you continue to have the option to log into your account for up to one year.
  • VOCANTO’s contents are carefully assembled by a large number of experts and are then lovingly illustrated and animated by graphic designers. All the learning units are checked and tested multiple times before publication as well as being cross-referenced with the latest text books and technical literature. The VOCANTO team takes pains to provide fascinating content, interestingly taught and easy to understand.
  • If you should nevertheless encounter an error, get in touch with the VOCANTO support under “Contact” and describe to them what the problem is. Please mention the title and number of the learning unit (This is shown in the browser address bar when the unit is open, e.g.
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